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Lecture on "Molecular Motors at Surfaces"

16/05/2012 de 11:00 a 13:00
Aula A3-001 del Campus Nord de la UPC
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On May 16, at 11:00, in the frame of the Engineering Physics Degree, Prof. Petra Rudolf (Zernike Institute for Advanced Materials, University of Groningen) will give the lecture "Molecular Motors at Surfaces", at room A3-001 in Campus Nord de la UPC.

The lecture is open to people out from the Degree.

Nano-engines and molecular motors form the basis of nearly every important biological process. In contrast to this solution chosen by Nature for achieving complex tasks, all of mankind's present day technologies function exclusively through their static or equilibrium properties. On can therefore easily anticipate that the controlled movement of molecules or parts of molecules offers unprecedented technological possibilities for the future. In this presentation I shall illustrate how introducing new concepts like incorporating a ratchet mechanism, allows for the creation of molecular engines that transcend simple switches. I shall discuss how to build molecular engines that allow movements at the molecular level to be coupled to the macroscopic world, e.g., to store information in polymer films, or to transport macroscopic objects like drops of liquid over a surface. Another example are molecular systems that can be triggered to form spontaneously functional structures with a well-defined position on surfaces. I shall explain this idea for "nanomills", the nanoworld counterpart of windmills, namely molecular motors where repetitive unidirectional rotation around the central double bond is achieved.